Last Projects

We offer a wide range of cloud-based entertainment applications. in this section we show the research projects and professional services born from our experience in the sector

Remote management for presentation software

Remote management system that allows a speaker to send commands to a projectionist to remotely control presentation software via internet connection.

Statcast Advanced statistics for audio streaming

Our service allows you to analyze detailed listening statistics of a streaming channel. We process listening stats in real time, with detailed analysis and intuitive graphs. In one place all the tools you need to analyze your streaming data, and get to know your customers in greater depth

Geolocated listening system for mobile streaming

The experience of the radio world marries mobile technology to offer a new system capable of making streaming a new proximity marketing tool. Choose what to listen to your listeners by differentiating your content based on their position. The system can be used to improve proximity communication and find new customers for advertising spaces relevant to the territory. You can limit this option to only listening to streaming from smartphone

Platform for the management and distribution of audio / video content

SelfTV is a web platform that allows you to manage video content and distribute it in On Demand or Live 24/7 mode on any device or social network. A totally customizable cloud system. Using a dedicated APP it is possible to broadcast live or upload new clips to the system which will be available immediately. SelfTV is also a useful tool to enrich your library of user-generated content or to create correspondences

System for automating the composition, sound reinforcement and publication of audio files

Mash-Up is a system to automate all the operations that are performed in the composition, sound reinforcement and publication of audio files. It allows you to optimize postproduction times or for the cyclical preparation of editorial products, independently from traditional playouts or editing software. Starting from single audio clips, and through simple steps, it will be possible to generate structured content such as a newsletter or a podcast


Hosting platform for your Podcasts

Our solution hosts your content and allows you to easily distribute it on any site or platform.Accurate statistics allow you to analyze the popularity of your podcasts and get to know your audience better

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